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Whilst enjoying the opening of the new Maitreya Sim on Sunday in the new MALT Roxy, I was surprised to receive an IM from the Queen of Style herself, and Chief Editor of SecondStyle Mag, Celebrity Trollop, complimenting me on my outfit.

After getting over my initial “OMG” stage, I was delighted when she then took an interest in MALT, and gave me the chance to share some more of my designs with her.

A massive thanks is given to Celebrity, for her review of MALT on the SecondStyle Fashionista Blog. After reading such a wonderful review, along with the great pics of my outfits, I couldnt be more thrilled! Check it out here!

2 Responses to "Second Style Review"
  1. :-)
    congrats Khea!!
    a great review!

    <3 Laura

  2. Khea Karas says:

    Thanks Laura!

    Yes, Im really pleased :)

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