.:MALT:. Stitched Suede Collection

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Malt Suede Elysium Eilde 004

Stitched Suede Jacket

This stunning jacket can be worn a variety of ways, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve, or as a vest.  Details are endless as MALT stands up to its usual quality.  Buttons and buckles contrast beautifully with the smooth texture of suede, complete with hand stitching.   Comes in 8 incredible colors.

Stitched Suede Skirt

This flirty and fun mini skirt is a perfect match to the Stitched Suede Jacket offered by MALT Fashions.  Comes with a one piece skirt/belt combination or if you want to mix and match with other colors, a separate belt and skirt.  This adorable skirt is perfect and goes easily from the office to the club.  Worn alone or with the matching jacket, its a must have for your summer wardrobe.  Comes in 8 colors to match the Stitched Suede Jacket.

Resize Script Version
Fully Sculpted Pieces
Mix & Match

*Note: The jacket is a full prim item and may not fit all body types. Please try on demo before purchasing. *

.:MALT:. Stitched Suede Collection

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