Trick or Treat Event

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Trick or Treat Event NOW on @ Malt, Juicy & Juicy Mirabella Sims!

Trick or Treat Poster




Juicy Mirabella


Come to any of the 3 sims to find the trick & treat baskets inside the stores.

Pay $1L per touch of the basket to randomly claim one of several prizes inside. Do you dare to try your luck for all?  Will it be a Trick or Treat?

There is no limit to the amount of times you can try for all prizes inside.  The prizes inside will be numbered so you know how many to aim for in each basket. For example: Trick & Treat 1/3. Most stores have a display of the prizes you can win, but if you want to know more please contact the store owner.

The baskets you are looking for are like this:


List of Participating Stores:

Agent Orange
Djinn & Tonic
Ear Candy
Cafe Gourmand
Before Sleep
10 Ways 2 Teen Days
La Forgia Jewels
Oh So Couture
Dance Dancefloors
B&T Atelier
SD Wears
Category Five
MudHoney Designs
Simply Britnee
Total Betty
Trish Talon Fashions
Butterfly EffectZ

TP to Malt for your event info pack to get started.

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