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MALT: Deliciously Sweet Style!

MALT Fashions is designed to make you stand out from the rest. Using hand drawn textures and close attention to detail, MALT clothing will make you feel playful, sexy, and chic. Designed by a Real Life Graphic Designer, Khea Karas, these clothes will catch the eye wherever you go.


All items are PRIM modify / copy / no transfer unless shown otherwise. All sales are final. Sorry no refunds or exchange due to no transfer permissions on items. Please choose carefully. Duplicate purchases will be refunded in full after proof of purchase has been shown.

If for some reason, you do not receive your items after purchase, please use the redelivery terminal located in the front of the store. If you are still having problems receiving your item, a notecard can be sent to Khea Karas along with proof of purchase.

If you are having difficulties with clothing adjustments, contact Khea Karas via notecard with your proof of purchase, a short description, and either a copy of your shape, or the exact measurements of your shape. Fitting service is free of charge.

If a flaw is found in any item (missing pieces, non working scripts, item not as shown) send a notecard to Khea Karas and a replacement shall be sent to you.

All designs and items in store are created and owned by Khea Karas, and are covered by copyright (Malt Media). Stealing is illegal and will not be tolerated. Anyone using a copybot or any other method to copy and redistribute items will be found and prosecuted under the copyright laws of their country, resulting in a fine or possible imprisonment.


Sending a gift is now easier than ever!


1. Right click on the item you wish to send and choose “GIFT”.

2. Say the recipients name in local chat within 30 seconds.

3. Right click again on the vendor and pay the full purchase price.

The item will be delivered immediately to your giftee. If you have any probems at all during the process, please contact Khea Karas for assistance.