New Instore @ MALT!

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The Abegail Multiway Blouse, is a versatile sculpted top, that can be worn as a sexy crop top, a longer less daring version, and a body/bathing suit for lazing by the pool or at the beach. It comes with many layer options along with a scripted resizable version and alpha glitch layer for the breast […]

Malt @ Fashion For Life

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Running March 12-22 across 9 sims, this year’s theme will be “Beyond Black and White,” embodying the spirit of cancer survivors everywhere as they find hope rising out of the dark diagnosis of cancer. Spread over the sims will be over 180 stores with a hunt and gatcha areas, all with the goal of raising […]

Malt for EaHH Event

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EaHH 100% Donation Item. As an Australian designer living abroad, I am delighted that MALT can take part in this fabulous event to help friends and family, along with many other Australians back home, who have been directly affected by the recent floods. “Lorelei” is a gorgeous cropped vest, that features frilled edge trimmings and […]